Me and My Boy

 In the season of rain  
Some flashes of colours fall on my face
In the form of drop of love from you
To bring the rainbow again in my life
Love in my heart became deeper and deeper
With happiness million of times
like different layers of  feelings
like a spring season have came

Love has filled in my heart and in my mind
The Love which you see and pretend
The love which you too have for me

Days were lonely like winter nights
I sit alone waiting for you
But world wakes me up from the dream
With horns of laughter 
And throwing 
But still i see the beautiful red flowers
Smiling in front of me
To welcome you to sit beside me
Under the same umbrella
Under the rain of love

Boy: hi, i love music and i think you love book
Girl: No , its something else i love
Boy: what?
Girl: I will let you know later
Boy: Ok, but can we be friends
Girl: Friends forever

Boy: hello, what are you doing?
Girl: shopping
Boy: You look cute in pink. So select one of those colour dress
Girl: As i blush every time i see you in front of me

Girl: I will surely win
Boy: You are using two hands to hold me , you will surely win
and again i wish i always get defeated by you as brings smile in your face
Girl: I won :) ( your heart)
Girl: Its raining so heavily, how will i go home?
Boy: Don't worry I will send you home safely
Girl: Then hold me and lets walk in the rain together and enjoy it
Girl: Do you know what i love?
Boy: what those bunches of flowers you hold?
Girl: No, the one who had brought those bunches for me, but yet not given the rose he holds
Girl: Do you having any problem to ride cycle taking me with you 
Boy: No, but if it would have happen also, I would love to take the problem
Girl: Then take me with you forever to spend the life journey
Boy: I had already began my journey with you from now
Those days are days of happiness
I and my boy spend together
To cherish in my memories
For today and forever



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