Lessons from a Matchstick

We know that a match is a flammable object for lighting a fire in required situation. This match sticks even though very small but can teach big lessons. It rubs itself on the rough surface again and again until it burns to ignite the light. The first lesson is that if you want to get something from life, you have bet ready to rub yourself to difficult situations of life. You should be ready to face the hurdles of life. The second lesson is that just like the match stick burns itself to light candles and lamps, if you have something never hesitate to share with others if the person is in need of it. If you have small amount of knowledge share it to others who may come out with new knowledge for the benefit of all. When life of the match stick is for few seconds but by burning itself it lights other big objects which removes the darkness around you. Same way in every big sculpture there are small hands. The third lesson is to appreciate those hands. In every big Tata and Birla companies we value Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Shiv Narain Birla. In every Taj Mahal and Konark we value Shah Jahan and King Narasimhadeva-I. But among these big shots there may be people like me and you, be thankful for their contribution. It means give importance to all people and never underestimate anyone. Respect people respect their good qualities. Every person has some unique qualities in them, find them. The last lesson is about the purpose you do a work. The match stick before it burns to die may be used to light a candle to remove darkness from life or set off guns and cannons to take life. Similarly think what you want to do for others before you die. Think if you want to bring happiness for others or be responsible for sufferings .So these are lessons I learnt which I felt to share with you. Learn from everyone and from everything because this life is too short to learn.


  1. I very agree to your concluding sentences.....To learn is the only way one can grow.


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