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2nd poetry book

Dear Friends, I, with my friend Shailendra Kumar, am coming with our Poem book. It is a collaborative effort to touch hundred different things of our everyday life. We wrote 100-100 poems on same subjects like (Love, life, winter, mother, f amily, poet etc. ). And we are now in the process of choosing a ‘title’ for our next poem book. We want a title from our audiences that is you. So please send your title in the comments or at my fb account. The condition is ‘Hundred’ word shall be a part of the title. We will choose a title sent from you and the winner will get a Signed copy of the book as well as his/ her name will be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the book. Hearing from you soon… Warm Regards, N. M. Leepsa  ( The Author of ‘Shades of Love and Life’) Shailendra Kumar ( The Author of ‘The Exponent’) Note: The selection of the ‘Title’ is subject to the choice of the Authors


Dear Ms. Leepsa, Your poem "Drenched My Soul" was not only selected for Branwyn but also got wide appreciation from its readers.  Here are a few of the fan mails - “Drenched My Soul” was a good one. Life really is a colourful rainbow. And  I hope to see more from Ms. Leepsa.  - Anuj Dhiman, New Delhi Reading N. M. Leepsa was a refreshing treat. Thanks! -Nanda Kumar Very soulful poem. - Mihika Sarkar, Kolkata Loved the poem by leepsa very much. -Tejas Thakrar Thanks,  Sneha Gupta, Branwyn Family ------------------------------------------------------- Dear friends,  I am sharing the poem with you:  DRENCHED MY SOUL ________________ Bath in summer or the monsoon rain Drenched my soul, my pain When it pours suddenly On the crowded streets Amongst rush and hush of people Finding way along with the hustle vehicles I forgot to feel it Just searching for a shelter To protect my soul, my inner self But the taste of rain Is amazing I could know? When I silently felt As wh

To My Parents with Love

To My Parents with Love ****************** When I was a child, you taught many words to speak As you grow old, I hope I will understand your words When I was a child, you forgive me for my mistakes As you grow old, I pray I will not stumble on your fault When I was child, you gave every toy I crave for As you grow old, I trust I will not play with your emotions When I was a child, you remain awake when I was sick As you grow old, I expect from myself to be with you always When I was a child, you came to me when I wake and search for you As you grow old, I pray I will not leave you for money, name & fame HIT  a LIKE if you like these thoughts