Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jai Jagannath

Hey Kalia, Jagata ra natha Jagannath,

Mora koti koti pranam grahana kara. Toh katha kana kahibi. kou bhasa re kahibi. Kemiti kahibi. Kichi jani paruni re. kou katha kehi tora guna gaibi. jani paruni. Nija jeeban re emiti haji jaichi dine bi toh katha tate pachari parini. Tohra bada bhakta hei parilini. Kintu kalia aay mana aay prana re tu hi basa karu. eei nayana re tu hi rahu. Tenu eeithi jaha kahibi mo mana katha kahibi. toh pain bhala painba katha kahibi. Tu jouthi thibu dekhu thibu nistita. sabu bhasa re lekhuchi. Ki katha kahibi. kichi kahiba purbaru, akhiru luha bahari jauchi. Kichi lekhiba purbaru hata thari jauchi. Toh bina anya gati nahi re mo kalia . Hey kalia ee mana prana jeevan sabu tuma pakhare samarpuchi. Hey prabhu jeevanra adhha dina mun kebala mo nija katha bhabichi. mate yama kara, daya kara. Bhabuthili kichi lekhiki sara jagata ku toh bisaya re kahibi. Hele hey kalia mun kichi kahi paruni, kichi lekhi parunahi. Tate dekhile mun sabu bhuli jaye re. Tate dekhile aa zeebane kichi ichha rahe nahi, kichi lobha rahe nahi. Lage sabu kichi mate mili gala.Kalia tora sei akhi, tora sei hasa mo mana kini niye. Mana huye tu mo pakhare emiti sabu bele tha, to muhan mo akhire sabu bele thau. toh sangare katha habaku mane huye. mana huye tu mo samna re basatu , mun tate dekhanti, kete katha pacharanti, tate chunki dekhanti tu keimi gadha, tu kouthare tiyari. Tate kundhei dabaku ichha huye.  Hey bhagaban, mate kahi ase nahi, mate yama kara, mana katha kahuchi. Jaganatha Swami nayana patha gami bhaba tume. sata kuhanti sei bhakata "Dara kahaku Bhaya kahaku Thakura Achanti Chari bahaku". Tu thile kichi dara lageni, kichi bhaya lageni. jeevana re tu mo saha sabu samaya re thiba ru mun chira dina pain krutangyan. 

Tuma bhakta mana kan pain kichi kaibaku chaunchi. Oh devotees of Lord Jaganaath , completely give yourself to him , there will be no worries in your life. whatever happens, it happens with the wish of Lord. Then leave all worries all tensions. There are no words to describe the vastness of Lord Jagannath. There is no limit to its blessings.  The beauty in his black face steals the beauty of the whole Universe. The day and night will end to describe just His two large beautiful eyes. Our whole life will end to describe his characteristics, his stories, and his each and every part of it. I never feel he is someone different from me. I always feel he is my friend, my parent, my guide and everything. I talk to him everyday. I love him, I scold him and I beg sorry for getting angry on him. But he never stops bestowing blessings upon me. He never leaves me in my good times and bad times. Sometimes I ask him why he remains so silent like a wood, but somehow i have felt, he would answer me through some people or through some situations. Whenever I go to Lord Janagath temple in Puri, and get opportunity to have a glance at him, I feel there is nothing in this world except you. " Tyome ba mata pita tyome ba tyome ba bandhu sakha tyome wo , tyome bidya drabilang tyomeba tyome ba sarbong mama deva deva". 

Prabhu apni nayan dei chile. You have give me eyes to look into your beautiful eyes, but my eyes were on the other things except your face, except your eyes. Is it because i feel guilty for remembering you only in time of need, is it because i forget you in my happy days, is it because i scold you in my bad days, but later find whatever pain i got it was only the result of my deed? is it because i find that the worst days of my life has brought good experience and not because of you. Oh lord forgive me , forgive my ignorance, forgive my deeds, thoughts. Since childhood, I have fallen in love with you oh Lord. I used to ask my grand mother to listen your stories, your leela, about you. I feel to Please accept my worship.  My grandmother have said me different stories of yours. Even if I had listened them, i used to listen them again and again. Ki sundar tora sei leela.KI sundar tora sei bhabana , toh bhakta pain. Since then I have been your devotee. Please accept me and my prayers. Come in your white horse and bless me to see you once in my life time. My mother had taught me a prayer which i sing from childhood in my evening prayer. I am praying before you the same song again Oh Lord -

Deha ti kala muhan ti kala
Ki manohar mo chaka dola
Na thaye hata Na thaye pada

Hey Bhakta ra bhagaban, ama bhitare thiba lobha moha maya kama krodha dura kara. Ama mana prana sareera re tume basa kara, tuma pain bhakti basa karu.  yeh pruthibi ku tuma dibya jyoti re alokita kara, magala kara hey mangala maya bhagaban. Ama bhitare thiba sei papa ku sei kali ku sesa kara. Ama bhitare bhalapainba bharidiya, bhaki bharidiya. 

Ama muhe hasa dei emiti tu hasu tha

Jai Jagannath!

Eti tora sei bhakta

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The feeling which we name as LOVE

The clouds has come in the sky
With rains holding inside it
The sky has become clear after the rain
Just like my life with freshness and happiness
Rekindled with freedom from your thoughts
The kiss of the rain is the kiss on my luck
The song it sang for me is another hope
The shining rain drops on my head
Started shinning in my smile and my heart
Hope this waiting will end this monsoon
With the chuckles of wedding songs
Just that special person has to come
To sense the same special feeling inside
The feeling which we name as Love

N. M. Leepsa

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