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Elephants in KGP

Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant - Charlie Chaplin The Call made- “Hi friend, I heard about the elephants near our department by security person. Is it true?”. “Hello mummy I am alone in department and I am terrified hearing that elephants have created havoc few minutes before. What to do?” “Hey Friend where are you, it is true that elephants have gone nearby Tata Steel Complex after they came from civil engineering department”. “Hi dear I cannot go out now as three elephants have come and security person have said to wait for some time.””I am leaving now will you go with me”? The replies came- “What elephants! Real One? You must be joking”. “You are alone in the department? What is the need? You can study in hostel. I understand work is important for you, but still if no one is there why you went alone. Is this you alone who have work and no one in your department? Was it necessary to go department in Sunday?”. “Your boy friend and his family have