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Shades of Love and Life

Image Dear Friends, With your good wishes and love, I have made an attempt to write a poem  book... my first poem book which is named as "SHADES OF LOVE AND  LIFE'.  It is a collection of around 80 poems.  I would like to announce you that, you can now avail the book from   and amazon website.   I also need a small favour from all of you. Kindly help in spreading the information  about the book to all your friends so that they may also like to read  the book. I also need all your good wishes for the success of book.  The book will be released on 1st October 2012.But you can order the  book now also- Visit the following links- You can avail the book from flipcart shades-love-life-8182533384/p/ itmddk9ucrajysfb?pid= 9788182533387&ref=b8c870bd- bf58-44cf-a554-68c5fc85c3a5 also you can purchase the book from amazon Love-Life-N-Leep