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Abstract thoughts of the evening

The red curtain of the stage The place admired by all age The lights on the actor and actress The charm and the grace The songs they sing The bells that ring The cakes they cut The masks they got The applause of audience The nights of your absence The guitar they play The ambience they lay The laugh we made The tears we shed The green we adorn The pain which born The comedy of the script The hos t is lost The guest is most Photographs clicked The messages pinged The small smile given The big smile returned The nod of head The best wishes said The rhyme that touch heart The different languages art The close of eyes to feel The murmuring of lips to chill The night of friends so close The strangers  enclose The sweets for the lips The sweetness for mind dips The beautiful dame The thoughts of you came The claps of hands The steps legs commands Back stage actress The  stone mistress The blue apparel The beauty sail But one thing to miss Your presence for bliss -N.M.Leepsa 6 th March 20