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The Seasons Songs: A Portfolio of Poetry

The Seasons Songs :  A Portfolio of Poetry Submission Call   “The spring , the summer, the chilling autumn, angry winter changes their wonted liveries ” - William Shakespeare With the successful completion of my first poetry book “Shades of Love and life”. I am making an attempt for the publication of the second poetry book. It would be in the form of an edited book with collection of poems from poets like you and me. If you are a poem lover poet like me who are interested in sharing their emotions through poems and want to share it to the outer world, you may send me your poems for the book. The theme of the book is on “SEASONS”. So show to the world the creative side of your mind on any of the seasons of the year through the poems. Your poems can be on any aspect of the six seasons- spring, summer, monsoon/ rainy , autumn, winter, fall . It could your thoughts about a special person in specific season , it could be your feelings on the arrival of a

Halke Halke Ehesash

Wo uski uff karke chale jana Wo uski har baat pe nazar hona Wo uski ish baat pe muskurana Wo uski ush baat pe ruth jana Wo uski nazron se natkhat adayen dikhana Wo uski shararat bhari baaton se behelana Wo uski khamosh galiyon men kho jana Wo uski haasi ki gooz men gaam bhul jana Jane kahanse ish zameeen par so sawaal late hain Hame thandi thandi raaton men jagake khud so jate hain

In her day


Quotes of the Day

When I stop talking with you, I feel my life has stopped talking to me My face may have held a smile, but it hurts me more more than what you see ********************************* The world is searching you in my poetry To know the lucky man, to unmask the mystery *************************** Sometimes your silent face Bring the poetic heart of mine In front your eyes In black and white Just look at your eyes So innocent so pure Who made you the poet? Just be my poetry, be my love ***************************** My love let my eyes find you everywhere Except near my grave, so that you wont weep there ************************* Every time I see you, each time your words echo in my ears I forget my days of pain; I forget my midnight tears ****************************** You said to forgive and forget you How can I, If I have a single heart From where I will bring a new 


I tried for first time some haiku form of poetry: My first attempt of Haiku.....  ********************************* Friends may go away;  But love for them never ends; Need to understand ********************** My silence is the loud voice That speaks hearts anger and pain As ineffable as love ********************

Writing is Magic, when I write about YOU

As shown in Ink heart, storytellers can bring life to the character in real life out of the books.  Writers can change the fate of the characters.  If I would be a writer one day, I would first change my fate to bring you back to my life story- In each story of my life  where you lived in; In each moment,  where you were guest to my heart Every smile of yours  that I treasured in my eyes Every single time,  when you put your hands to hold your cheeks In every heart beats  That jumped in happiness  when I looked at you, The spell I would cast on our life  through my pen again For all those wonderful nights  we laughed together For all those secret moments  I stole without your consent I still believe in fairy tales And as a writer  I would bring happy ending to our story The story of friendship, love and life The tale that has no dark clouds, no demons, no fire  To burn the dreams The saga of beauty of life,  The power of love and play of hearts