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I got an idea to store my memories. This year, whatever achievements I get be it big or small, I will note it down on my blog. The moments of happiness, the days of experiences and learnings I will pen on my blog. This will give me the list of things that made my 2018 special. I believe every day is special, something different and something unique. I count every day as a day different from yesterday. We meet different people, we feel the different weather, we do different things. So why not to save the favorite moments. It’s like filling a memories jar throughout the year and reading it at the end of the year to recollect & cherish those wonderful memories.

26th January 2018

On the last working day of 2017, I got my driving learner’s permit. I was determined to pass it.  Then I started learning driving by admitting to a driving school. Its Key Skills Driving School whose office is in Chandler, Arizona. The school is not far from my house. Its managed by two veterans who give lessons to new drivers for safer driving skills. I admitted for 10-hour lesson for final evaluation preparation with 2-hour session each day. I called over the phone to the training school and asked for information which I had already read on their website. I just called to confirm about the details and timings.  I received a response, Hello! This is Earlie West from key schools driving, how can I help you? The voice was positive and cheerful. I asked my queries and enrolled soon after the phone call. The next day I had an appointment fixed with the school to start my lessons. But Earlie called me and said his friend was sick so he could not come today. I was fine with it but later my friend suggested to see if the school has intentionally denaying or not. Sometimes we are concerned for hacked websites. So, I just said to refund my money. But Earlie reached my home and he clarified that he had to go to hospital to meet his friend who had some heart problem. I was feeling bad that time because he was genuinely in a problem. The instructor school has "pick up and drop off" facility for students. That day we practiced for 2 hours in the evening. Irrespective of fact that I said I would drive for 1 hour as it was late, I wished for more driving lessons. It was so fun to drive. From the first day I could say Earlie is a very good instructor. He teaches all the fundamentals from the beginning so that there will be clarity before actual road driving. The first day he taught me about the different parts of the car and its uses and operations, the traffic rules and regulations and I drove his car from first day. I felt to drive more because I was enjoying it. Earlie is very happy go lucky person and he knows his student’s psychology well.  He keeps on motivating, making fun, continuously instructing so that the fear to drive on road is vanished. Based on the performance of student, he teaches and schedules time accordingly.  Then for next couple of days, he picked me from home and taught me various driving techniques starting from driving in neighborhood to freeways, then in parking lots, teaching about the control mechanism using brake, parallel parking, normal parking, left and right turns and many more. Many times, I would make mistake, but he would handle the situations with patience. After coming back to home, I would just recollect what rules he said and try to practice in mine. Even he suggested to remember the rules and just visualize the rules and regulations instructed by him. Even we made some videos of my driving which helped me later to remind me how to drive at different situations. He would advise me"practice. practice and practice" for safe driving. In his words, if you drive on the same road four times, you will have four experiences and learnings.  Sometimes, he would give extra time for me to practice to help me progress well. I am not a perfect driver now but I can say I am a confident driver. I have built so much confidence to drive now. Earlier, I was feeling I may not ever drive a car. On 26th January 2018, I got my final evaluation on the road and got my certificate. He also helped me to obtain my license from motor vehicle Division, Arizona. I would give 5 stars to the driving school and my instructor Earlie West. Finally, one memory to add in my memories in January 2018, I am a DRIVER now. Yippee!! Leepsa, Viola Viola Viola. You got the permit. Thank you Earlie! Swadist !!! Yummy! Wonderful experience.


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