My Mother to Me

My Mother to Me

My mother is the best thing gifted to me
A replica of love, divine on earth is she
My mother is like the Seven Wonders of the World
For the beauty in my life she has unfurled
My mother is like a beautiful curve of the rainbow
Touching my heart for the love she show
My mother is like a cup of cheer for a sip of bliss
Giving me her blessings through her kiss
My mother is like a metaphor of Almighty God
In her protective shell I cross every impossible odd
My mother is like the spring, the season deity has send
For her happiness my whole life I can spend
My mother is like a magical paradise of waterfall
Cleaning my negative thoughts to show love for all
My mother is like my most intimate and lovely friend
She knows when I am sad and at what time happy I pretend
My mother is like the shining stars and the cosmic dust
Stay far or near the only person on whom I can blindly trust
My mother is the Universe around which my life revolves
Sometimes like a friend, critic, mentor, teacher, she involves
My mother is simple, pure, and innocent in the perfect blend
To describe my mother the list would never end.

Poem accepted and published by Forward poetry,  UK
The book code for Mother To Me is YBA0024C 0015

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