Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving You is like Endless Love

Loving you is like touching my soul
I forget myself, one and all
The day I met you, I had a single goal
To mingle with love in beloved role

Loving you is like a vast love Ocean
Just as an angel’s gift wrapped in emotion
Like a cup of joyfulness stimulating my passion
Mesmerised by your words beyond the horizon

Loving you is like Life in a Santa Claus village
Lissom and lovely, and amazing voyage
Vivid and exhilarating our days in all ages
Resembling canvas of heaven on earth image

Loving you is like shimmery and shiny season
Rekindling the sparks of love is the sweet reason
Love, a wonderful discovery in my life’s mission
Like the spring that gave me a smile which was hidden

Loving you is like riding my heart
An experience so strange, so magical impact
In a perfect blend of happiness like a work of art
You being with me as my life’s part

Poem accepted and published by Forward poetry,  UK

You can go onto website http://www.forwardpoetry.co.uk/buy-books.php to buy the book. 
The book code for Endless Love is YBA0024A 0316

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