Bangle Seller Girl

Poem Title: Bangle Seller Girl
By: Dr. N. M. Leepsa

Oh beautiful girl, the  future bride
Buy those colorful bangles from me
I can see endless love for person on your side
With whom your entire life you want to be. 
Our life is like a roller coaster ride
Of drops of blood, sweat, and tears
Still, we see brighter side of life with pride
Because of the customer like you who cares
The heavy rain and the piles of dust
Along with clouds of storm & so tough
Buried my trade for many days in heaps of rust
You have come like new day & a ray of hope
You have flawless face with best of youth
Bangles will add beauty to your naked & bare hands
I will get enough to spend from hands to mouth
And this artist toil will not go vain in sands
Show your hands for those bangles that shine
Help this mother's hand, this heart  will bless
I will also go home as I have to wait for child of mine
When all will praise you again come me, come to this place

Received jury's appreciation for my poem Bangle seller girl as the 5th position in 'Ekphrasis' short poetry contest at 7th National Poets Meet in Kolkata on the 14th of May 2017. 

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