I die, your death, Certainly not, pass away our love

I die, your death,
Certainly not, pass away our love

You took it away in the last meet
Growing pain and my heartbeat
I have lost my feelings, my inner heat
Shocked, why does history repeat?

Has life lost its true meaning?
At one time innocent, next cunning
What? I am now thinking
Let you decide this evening

No one to hold me in arms
Lost my beauty lost my charms
Light is cold, and light is warm
To hold me tight stretch your arm

What you would do with my soul
If only love is to play the main role
And striving to be again whole
Stolen in time as reaching my goal

I think that I am dead
City of funeral you made
Where its pieces to spread?
In slums of despair widespread

It’s my beauty that I own
That you already adorn
Can't let it go to be blown
Also, not let you be thrown

Days were days, now seems like a year
Few days for joy and more for tear
It is very hard for nights, to bear
Awaking for your decision to hear

Yet in a wait of my prince charming
I fly high in spirits with my hope wing
It was like as if had a daydreaming
What really broken, still astonishing

You walked with me, with grace
With great excitement in face
You, my ocean, but my lips didn't get a pace
My heart could not find in your heart a loving place

And you warmly took this asset
A risky affair? Sweet or sour, my fate?
You must give yours, did you forget?
Your own heart for your soul to get

Enclosed in your arms, between the breaths' strokes
For a tete-a-tete on hugs, kisses, love that heart reinvokes
May my soul be mine, let me be me in my spiritual health
May your soul discover peace, finding intellectual wealth

Let you be mine, I am already yours
Our soul is not different, invite no more fears
I must reappear in me to open loves' door
To quench your thirst that you are waiting for

I live, your live, ego will never be above
I die, your death, certainly not, pass away our love

On August 1, 2016, published by Our poetry archive, Online Poetry Journal, https://ourpoetryarchive.blogspot.in/2016/08/nmleepsa-shailendra-kumar.html,Last Accessed on 20th October 2017, 
Duet Poetry by:  N.M.Leepsa & Shailendra Kumar


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