Tears, What You Want to Reveal?

Tears, What You Want to Reveal?

Tears, what you want to reveal?
Show yourself to my soul to heal

I don't understand
Or even comprehend

People always misunderstand
When they see you first hand?

Is it revealing my mistake?
My sympathy to my own to awake

Is it revealing my pain?
Or gaining strength to sustain

Is it revealing my weakness?
That, later I would confess

Is it revealing my fear?
Or do something to keep clear

Is it a sign of relief?
That I could remain true in my belief

Is it a self-respect?
When I am deep-rooted in deep deject

Is it unprofessionalism or an emotional bond?
Or it is a soul I found emotionally honed

I don't know what it is
Why life is rolling down in Pieces.

But when it flows it flows sometimes at wrong time wrong place
Also, then it glows like stars in night time, with a song, rhyme and a grace

Giving a right to others to make you feel like culprit
Dear Tears! Yours isn’t justifying my original spirit

Sharing your weakness where people can create trouble
Dear Tears! Don’t come, people treat you like water bubble

Where is that confidence?
And that my bold countenance

Where is honesty?
When you are blamed and made feel frosty

Is it to prove that honesty lies but you wrongly defined me?
Human lies for human, it is also proved, you remind me

No one is responsible for your flow

But I feel the fire on my cheeks when 'you' go.

August 1, 2016, published in "Our poetry archive", Online Poetry Journal, https://ourpoetryarchive.blogspot.in/2016/08/nmleepsa-shailendra-kumar.html,Last Accessed on 20th October 2017, 
Duet Poetry:  N.M.Leepsa & Shailendra Kumar


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