For me and my soul, You are my manuscript

For me and my soul,
You are my manuscript.

Each of us titled towards each other
The love is thing that brings us closer

The heart of both has held on us
With no deals of profit or loss

Compassion, empathy, two jewels
In our heart the soul warmly spells

That our heart hears cry every day
To find for each other a freeway

The world does not really matter
I am happy that I met with her

What matters is how we feel for each other?
Luck line on her hand or her hair’s flower

Love certainly does exist
My heart, mind, and soul insist

Between both of us, somewhere unseen
I am king for she is the ‘only’ queen

Let us nurture this emotion
To win or rule each other’s realm

Both of us needed to walk
Hands on her waist and talk

Someway, to walk in path of life
Someday, to talk in path of life

We need to walk together, step by step
One destination and only one map

Mind beast of ego that made us separate
When heart says to speak it is never late

Keep our love like a parrot in a cage
Or hide it like the sin of the sage

Cut away from past, my heart cuts into pieces
My present goes like a waste, with no peace

Life seems to stand still like still water
The heart still, yearns to love her, wants her

With you, life will be normal once again
I urge you to come an assuage the pain
A lot of pleading did not change your mind
Where is your lovely heart that was kind?

I realize how short your love was for me
It was friend, to me, now my love is my enemy

Open your heart and see from eyes of wisdom
Listen! my dear queen; I am the king of this kingdom

See my flight, my battle from pain
Come as light or fall onto me like a rain

You must hold my hands
Hope you do listen to silence

Be with me only till I die
Raising to heaven, my soul is high

I will take my pain, I fight with it
This is my candle to my heart with a light lit

But just you can make me in spirits

For me and my soul, you are my manuscript.

Published on August 1, 2016 by Our poetry archive, Online Poetry Journal,,Last Accessed on 20th October 2017, 
Duet Poetry by:  N.M.Leepsa & Shailendra Kumar


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