Shakspare said : Caring for someone is easy, But to make someone Care for you is difficult!So,never lose the one who really cares for u!

It is so true and therefore i tried to interpret the lines with my own words. I add to it some of more human emotions.......

Saying to accept someone is easy, but to really accept someone is difficult, So never say you accepted someone when you really accept it from heart
Remaining with someone when you are alone is easy, But to be with someone who is alone is difficult, So never never break some's loneliness when you can't be there always
Saying Sorry is easy , But to feel the hurt is difficult, So never do anything till you have to say sorry, Sorry cannot heal the moments of severe pain
Making someone to fall in love with you is easy, but loving someone truly is very difficult, So never pretend to be in someone's heart  it breaks
Avoidance is  easy , But expressing the truth behind the avoidance is difficult, So never try to explain if you really say truth it reflects
Breaking heart is easy, But healing the broken heart is difficult, So never expect it to be soft with your words ,it needs time to cure
Entering someone's life is easy , But staying long with the same person with same feeling is difficult, So never leave someone in silence when you decided to enter someone's life

So for the persons who really care about us, who really love us, who really lives for us, dreams for us, let us not wound their heart, so that we have to heal their heart broken by ourselves. It is because the pain given by enemies is bearable , pain given by friends is forgettable, but the pain by close ones is not tolerable ....

Never ever try to heal the heart
Just make it yours
Feel the happiness
Feel the sorrow
Just love it as yours

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