Love...Destiny of Despair

Love is really a strange kind of thing. When it comes it brings so much of happiness that you feel you don’t have the heart to treasure them, when it goes it breaks every single part of your heart. Really I don’t understand why God had made this heart, if it made heart why it beats for others, why it feels for others why it loves others. Why our heart loves someone then, why it loves the heart which never beats for us. Why god has made such rules that our heart loves someone who loves someone else. Why, love is so funny and strange, even if try to understand it more and more, it will show a new face of it which we may not be aware of. Why can’t love be the reason of happiness for the whole life? Why it a just for few moments of happiness smiles laugher. Why the rest life goes with sorrow, suffering, pain, tears, dreams, hope, waiting, complaints, darkness and struggle.  Why a single face comes again and again which we want to forget? Why the each single moments seems to come before you again and again when our love is lost. Why this heart makes and breaks our cheerfulness. The presence of someone turns a blessing and absence like a curse in love. This loves comes again and again giving birth to new hope and fades away throwing you to valley of tears. This love gives life to our heart and again burn the deadly heart. We aspire we will be gifted with love care from our beloved but we are gifted with few sorrowful memories. We think to go long and long but are left alone just to travel in memories of our love. First we think to complain to our heart why it beats for our love, then we complain our eyes why it saw love in eyes of the person who never love us, then we complain god why he made the destiny of despair. But finally we could not complain anyone  but smile for the lovely days spend together and cry for why those lovely days is only for few days not for whole life. Nature should have already spoken to us who is our soul mate then our heart would not have fallen in love with someone who never understands your love.

22nd December 2011


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