Paintings tells the Tales

These are two paintings made by friend Abheepsa Mishra, I created a platform for the communication going on between the friends in first picture and between the boy and girl in the second picture. Hope you enjoy reading them.

An Afternoon with You

I will always remember that afternoon with you. We were together in the green fields. We were enjoying the cool summer climate under the shadow of trees. There were greenery all around, just like our friendship. We confessed how much we care for each other and how much our taste preferneces match with each other.  It was a day like a picnic. We had taken food and shared together. We played around the flowers and the grasses. We ran together in the search of butterflies which are so colourful like the colourful life we have in our friendship days. We sat silently that day for such long hours after being tired from plays. We were silent but it seemed as if we were talking to each other . Then suddenly we broke the silence and laughed since when we started opening our mouth it in same time by both of us. We shared our good days and our bad days. I had taken my bag with ful of chocolates and enjoyed eating them. We were so relaxed and calm with peace of mind. There was no one to disturb us, neither our studies, nor hostel nor anyone else. We watched the clouds together and gave different names to different shapes of clouds sailing in the sky. The summer climate did not bothered us and we were no more in need of umbrella becuase  we have forgotten everything as if there is no tensions in life and no worries, as if if there will be any problem you are there to be with me. I was so happy that you really care for me as i care for you. I said whenever i do not read you scold me like my mama and then you laughed. You said lets forget the studies and sing and dance together. We smiled and the chuckles were creating music in that place. I will always remember the afternoon with you.

                                                                        Just Friends

We became friends. We were together every time. Many times I felt you loved me and gradually I fallen in love with you. Your hold my hand and I felt the magic touch of love. You walked with me in rain and I felt you are one to stop the rain of my eyes.  The passage of time i was confused are we just friends. Stories are many when we talk of love. But every time we see boys and girls can never be good friends. Either of them would surely fall in love, just like I have fallen in love with you. Every time I see in your eyes the spark of love but it was not as you said. There is no future of our love you said me. Have I asked about the past or future? I just said what I feel for you at present and just wanted to know the same what you feel for me at the same time. I was so confident that you would be so happy when I would confess that i loved you, but you asked if joke was or not. If to my serious lines you thought it as joke, then how can I further say you something more? It is better to act and laugh loud to show that it was just for fun sake.  I had to hide and say it that it was just acting. Do you know how it pains when u have to act that you don’t love someone whom you love actually. It pains more when the person whom you love becomes happy when you say that you were acting rather than really loving. If you must say yes, say it with an open heart. If you must say no, say it without fear-Paul Cohelo. So there is no need of any explanation or sympathy. Just “if YES then say and if NO say nothing”. Love always hurts specially in name of “Just friends”.

19th December 2011


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