The life goes on between "with(s) and without(s)"

       A friend of mine once said "If there would have been no bad things in life, then we would not have enjoyed the good things in life, since we would not differentiate between good and bad", so true.   The sweetness of honey can be enjoyed if we have tasted the bitterness of neem, the days of success can be satisfactory if days of hard work is remembered, the importance of love can be felt if gone through days of hatredness, the happy days becomes more pleasure if you felt the painful days of sorrow.
      Who in this world does not want a 'life with WITH(s)'. I mean a life with family, with friends, with love, with success, with good health, with wealth and with happiness. But can this happen always. Will our life be fun, if there is only one face of life? Just imagine earth with either day or either night. How it would be. There is beauty in each phase of things. If the day has its own brightness, then the night has also its own calmness, quietness and charm. Even a doctor makes the newly born baby cry for first time, to confirm the baby is healthy. It is well known that the mother's love and affection is above all and not even god can go ahead of it. This love is created only because a mother carries the baby in her womb tolerating the pain and brings the creation on earth. So, life will be dull and boring if passed through just one side of the coin.
     A person gets sad when someone important, leaves the person alone after being a significant part of life. This might be painful part of life as if days and nights make no difference. Life seems empty. And sometimes without even saying what we are sad for, we forget our pain, by just talking with some persons. Some magical persons with whom we have no expectations, no dreams, no attachment and not even we they are close friends. The magic is we stop to cry and forget we were crying few moments back. Thanks to such people in life.
Sometimes we see the grass being green in everyone's life except ourselves, we grumble at life. But have we ever retrospected the past, the things we desired for, the things we did and the things we really have in our present. Sometimes luck may delay to bestow us what we deserve, but hold on, it will surely return your share. If not, then why to worry if something is not yours.  
Sometimes life goes without good friends and well wishers. Sometimes people surprise you with their actions and behaviours that hurt you, and present you what may not even think of. Is it really worthy to ruin the days with thoughts of mean incidents of such people? So why can’t we think of the good people in your life, who understand you, care for you, and have been with you always. In fact we should always see the positive side of things. Then it would be easy to move on with life.
          Sometimes we complain God, we become sad, we rebuke our destiny, for what we HAVE NOT(S) in our life. We think how our life will go WITHOUT(s) it. But we look back to few pages of our own life history, we will see many chapters of life where life has been miserable that time and now when we look to them, they seemed a small problem rather than a big crisis of life. We rise and fall, we learn and then we move on. This way life goes on. If someone goes from our life, then life brings another someone in our life. This way we balance our happiness and sorrow and the life goes on and goes on.  Then, when it comes to the present days, why we forget that, we have been able to recover from the bad days of life in past. The same ugly days of life will soon turn beautiful again.
       If you have lost your beloved, see you may have some persons who love you. If you lose one year of your career, see the person losing more than one year just because he left exam to save his father life, If you have no higher degree with you, just see who didn't have luck to have basic schooling, if one is a big scientist , see you are no less good singer, painter, writer. See the positive things in life. If you don’t have something in life, just don't cry over spilled milk, rather join every block to build the stair to reach at the place where you really want to go. One more thing, sometimes there would something if life that you love to do and these are things that makes you happy and forget your sorrow. Some people will criticize about it. Don't listen them, they have no right to steal your dreams. Do not even allow them to steal your dreams. If you like something, just go for it.
    Why to shed tears then, as the lovely lines from the song madhon in lamha movie "Kyon dil ko dukhana bevajah, Phir aansoon bahaana ik dafaa". The life goes on between "with(s) and without(s)" We have to live in it. Then, why not to welcome each and everything with open hands and cherish each moment of life.


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