Recently the movie Heroine was released and myself with my friends watched the movie. Well it was basically an actress life story. I found the movie quite interesting as I felt it revolves around the charector's choice between LOVE AND FAME. There is always a war in mind to choose between LOVE AND FAME. LOVE OF FAME chosen by those who want to live in many hearts and FAME OF LOVE is the glory to live in heart of a single person. 

Well if we talk about fame and love, then I feel two things are difficult to be together. I don't say, it wont come. But very very difficult to get it together. I am not in for or against of love and fame. But I can say is fame sometimes makes you alone, but love never makes you alone even if you is not with you. When fame is away from you, the past memories will only ruin you, torture you every moment and even torment you. But memories of love reminds you of good days, good memories and happiness in heart that we are in someone's heart and will remain forever unlike in world of name of fame the same people who praised you so high, will criticize you to bring you down. This is what shown in the movie as per my views. 

In the world of glamour, name, fame, beauty , money  Mahi (heroine) searches for true love. Being attached in love with lots of expectations, she forgets that earlier she had came here for fame. She sacrified awards , even sometimes listened the rebukes for her love. But one day she lost her love . Then she again ran after the fame and used someone's love as a step towards the success. The reason for which she was hurt, she did the same to another person- No commitments. She then lost her fame and love as she could not control her emotions. Well destiny have played a dual role in her life. Sometimes destiny gave her chance to welcome fame and love, sometimes destiny made her to lose both of them. In both the cases she lost at the end. Neither fame could make her happy nor do true love would stay long with her. As the dialogue goes in the movie---- Jab fame milta hai toh pyar chaiye hota hai, jab pyar milta hai toh fame chaiye hota hai heroine ko

What i wanted to say here is, whatever goal one want to achieve in life, one should be very much sure about it. Each path will have different good and bad things in its basket. So before deciding anything, one should be aware about it and ready to face it. once goals are set, moves are made towards it, just one has to move ahead. If two things are kept in mind, then life would be like keeping legs in two boats and finally reaching to death. 

FAME OR LOVE ..choice is yours after-all.So enjoy whatever you chose for you.

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