The Thread of Faith

I had been to Khajrana Ganesh temple in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 25th September 2010. The temple was built by Rani Ahalya Bhai Holkar. It is considered as an important pilgrimage center that attracts crowd from different parts of India. I went to temple with my friend and with his family. I found large numbers of devotees had gathered in the evening to offer their reverence and prayers. They were worshiping Lord Ganesh with different names of ganesh, matras, ganesh vandana, and also offering flowers, ladoo and coconut. The temple premise is an abode of so many other deities as well. The serene surroundings coupled with holiness, this majestic temple instilled inside me an unusual feeling of warmth. It gave peace to my soul and satisfaction to my heart. People believed that all the wishes will be fulfilled after praying in that temple. We made walked three times around the temple. Then Ashok Uncle (friend’s uncle) said me to tie a red thread inside the temple walls and make a wish. I did so by closing my eyes, with folded hands and bending my head before Lord Ganesha. He said that just to tie a knot is not enough. One should have Shradha (love and devotion) and Viswas (belief). One should have belief or faith in it. I agreed with him. It’s not only with temples and god. Anything we do with full of devotion, dedication and total faith on it, we fulfill the wish, and see the dream to reality. When we have faith, a positive energy stimulates inside us which makes us to move towards our goal. If goal will be a big word here, then I would say something that you ever wished for, a strong desire for something. With faith we imagine ourselves with reality that will happen in future. So we work for it until to get it fulfilled. It may be the wish for the peaceful world or for an individual desire topping in career, marrying your beloved, desiring to meet someone, wishing for someone to get well soon and many more. It had happened to me and must have also happened to you all at least once in life. Faith may not solve a problem, but gives enough courage, hope, confidence to face the problem. It brings positive thinking that enhances will power to face any difficult situation and get what we ever wished for. So, dear readers have faith on your faith because “Where hope grows, miracles blossom-Elna Rae”.


  1. Excellent!!!
    The description is indeed awsome.....and it has a wonderful message inside

    People like me who always doubt their ability would get a lot many things from this tiny, beautiful passage

    Keep it up...waiting for more to see....

    wish u all d best, thanks


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