Sometimes we feel to express our love to the person who makes us feel like being in love with life. The person who makes us alive and everything in surrounding look like being in harmony taking us to a different world. We feel the heaven on the earth. But either we fear to express them in the thought of losing them or express them after losing them. Sometimes we express them through our eyes thinking that they would understand them or sometimes we express them opening the words of heart in front of them. This poem book is an attempt to express these emotions, feelings, and thoughts of all those persons who have spent some part of their lives in the world of love. The sad part of life is that sometimes love happens only to those who do not love us. We love someone who does not love us, and they loved someone who did not love them back. This is the sad part of life but still, life goes on and still we believe in love. This is luck which we name as destiny. This book is a collection of the plethora of such emotions, feelings, memories of love and life, touching people from different walks of life.


Love, dreams, heart, joys, and happiness- This book contains all the possible themes and much more. It touches themes on the days of the week, relationships, human emotions & moods, various seasons and every single word that we hear every single day by some means or other. We have tried to show the real beauty behind the words that are above their mere utterance. We know what its real worth is, but when we want to convey it, we normally don’t just in its true sense, we feel how to define them or express them. We have made a fair attempt to portray the inner side of you that you would want to convey to the world. In a way, each of these poems is a telltale of your own story. These are short poems that will tell you, sometimes a tale or will take you in your own life stories in rhythmic forms. Each poem is created in a unique way to give you some memorable references. The same theme has been presented in different thought process so that readers get the different taste from the same theme and connect them to their life. As the title says, the book is completed in 100 days with 100 versatile themes. The best part of this venture of the two writers is, you will get the essence of the variety of feelings in this single book. Some poems will make you plunge into a heartfelt smile on your face, some will take you to a few moments of your memories, some will make you emotional, and some will take you in your own imaginary world. Efforts are made to craft each poem, short and simple in its own way. Different poetic styles are followed in different poems to add vivid colors to the book. We were most concerned to make this book age proof, whether you are a child, you will find your feelings in our own words. We always have our own world and our world is connected to your world. If you are at an age of par you will feel the immense pleasure of your whole life experiences and emotions. We have tried to put forth the best of words so as to touch your heart and soul and make you feel that the world is really beautiful.

One late evening, I was sitting in my room, wondering how we keep treasuring our one moment to next moment. Such moments of life echo the sentiments attached to a different relationship with different people. Today, the trend has gone from joint families to nuclear families and then nuclear ones to loners. Life is not that awful as loners because it is no longer the image of a loner as isolated individuals who could not make out friends and social relationships. Rather, life is beautiful with social lives, helpful neighborhood, and constant touch with families. However, while enjoying the option of living alone focusing on work, careers, and ambitions, sometimes, a gap is found when people feel to express their happiness and sorrow to someone. There may be friends with you because loners are no longer lonely today. However, there may be a lack of words to express your heart feels the way you want. When we watch a movie, listen to a song, or read a novel, we say it is all about our life. How could the director know what we are feeling now? How the lyrics of the song match to the situation we are facing in our life? How do the writers know the incidents happened in our life? For a moment, we feel relaxed and cheerful thinking someone understood us very well as they have captured all colors, all heat, all the light of our life. Such people have a flair for understanding human emotions. I have made a small attempt through poetry to touch people’s heart and express their heart. This book is a collection of the loveliest words knitted with the threads of poetry. Each thread that took different colors of life. Its colors include serendipity, purity, lust, passion, pain, joy, beauty, bliss, romance, ecstasy, divinity, honesty, devotion, surprises, loyalty, compassion, dedication and hope. Through this book, I have tried to share the emotions of different people in different relationships. The poems are expressed from the point of view of a daughter, a poet, a lover or the beloved, a celebrity, sister, and most importantly as a human being. Different poems are in different forms and some of them are free verse. The book consists of a hundred poems with variations in length, format, and theme which can be linked up with our day to day life.  It mirrors about how a heart feels when it is happy and sad which has been put in pen and paper to take the reader to the world of thoughts.  If I had been able to express properly, I would give me a satisfaction of life that I have lived happily. 

The Threads of Poetry Volume 1 (Duet Poem Anthology)
This book is a collection of poems with pleasing themes written with great care and passion. Each poem reflects occasions from different walks of life. Writing each poem was like a pleasing journey for me that showed diverse phases of life. The book is an endeavor to knot all pearls on the thread of words such as beauty, beliefs, commitment, dedication, desire, destiny, ecstasy, faithfulness, happiness, hopefulness, imaginations, kindness, passion, pureness, spirituality, and trustworthiness and many more. This is my first attempt to write duet poems with other poet friends. All the poets have penned their thoughts in a beautiful manner beyond words to praise it. Many evenings, I wandered across my thoughts to initiate something interesting in poetry. I had a feeling in my heart that the poetic path will be more exciting if traveling with a co-poet having new ideas and creativity. Riding towards different themes, we have successfully completed fifty poems. All the poems are unique in the sense that it had an emotional connection with the real-life experiences, thoughts, and inspirations, giving rise to multiple interpretations. It was a really great experience to pen poems with the notable poets. Writing poems always rejuvenates me.  While starting with the duet poem, to bring uniformity I just focused on themes surround towards the title of the anthology “mellifluous” and chose title based on situations for specific poets after discussing with them regarding the topics that will be comfortable for them.  I have given more emphasis on poems conveying happiness rather than sorrow to any reader who reads this book. I did not want poems to remind people of their pain and sufferings. The world is already in full of pain and I feel they want some breaking hours to free themselves from pain. So, the poems included in the book are related to themes that would leave people with some cheerful and positive vibes. One thing I will always cherish about writing this book is that all my co-poets are incredible persons as they have always considered me as a friend and appreciated my efforts. I never imagined that I will receive so much love and affection from my talented co-poets. The world of poetry is beautiful and brighter with the lights of words because of such gifted poets. Writing poems always rejuvenates me and my co-poets. I hope this book “Mellifluous” would have a similar effect on the readers.


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