Love and Jealousy

My Poem "Love and Jealousy" published in this national anthology "With Love"

First came her elder sister
Her name is Love
Other sister is jealousy
Made my life tough

Loved my sweet heart
As far as I Can
Swallowed all the pain
For the mistakes of my man

To see faults of my love
Jealousy whispered in my ears
Saw little things that create anger
That filled my eyes with tears

Felt anxious and nervous
With fear and worry
Thinking not loved by the person
Whom my heart loved truly

Glory of love vanished
When the green eye monster came
Made my heaven hell
Burnt sweet emotions by its flame

The dragon ate my meat
Through my doubtful mind
Wiped out the paradise of love
Just like sands by the wind

Rewarded or punished
With bitterness when envy arrive
The lovely relationship lost
Thinking its dead or still alive

N.MLeepsa's Poetry


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