Life…The Stock Market Game

 Life is really much unexpected just like the stock market. In stock market the price fluctuates and in life the events are very surprising. When price goes up, we hold the shares and when it falls we fall too. Same way we like to hold good experiences of life in our memories and we try to forget the bad memories giving shocking effects.  But the more we try to forget the more it comes to our eyes and we feel the same shock as we have already experienced. Just like a particular investment does not stop an investor in investing in securities, similarly we go on investing by forgetting the past and hope for the better outcomes in future. But here we have to remember, the mistakes we made in the past for which we had to incur loss or suffer a lot, we should not make the same mistakes again.
One Golden Rule of Accounting is “anticipate no profit and provide for all possible losses”. The man has to go by this rule and go on doing his duty in his both personal and professional life without any expectations. Sometimes we builds castle in the air and later we found the glass house we build has broken, it breaks our heart. We are foolish investors, we make mistakes knowing that the outcome of our investment is negative but still we do the same thing hoping that it will bring positive outcome. When we know that investing in love may not result in love in return, but still we take the risk for the return. When we say we love somebody, then it should be unconditional without any expectations. But life brings many bamboozled circumstances just like a chessboard where there will be many steps to go ahead, but later found that we are bounded by rule like the horse that can make step up to  two and half steps. Just like the poem the road not taken shows how it becomes difficult to make decision when we have two roads to chose or two alternatives to select. Just like in stock market getting into a dilemma while investing is a normal thing, same way making decisions of life is difficult phenomenon. It generally happens when investors are indecisive about two seemingly similar situations or investment avenues. If the dilemmas are not tackled early on, it could lead to a flawed investment decision, which can bring catastrophic effects on our funds. These dilemmas are usually a result of the lack of knowledge among investors about various investment options. This leads to confusion about which investment option is most suitable in a given situation. In a bid to simplify things, investors look for answers that may have worked for their friend or colleague in the past. Similarly any situations in our real life need correct and timely decision, specifically relating to our life partner. We feel sometimes let the happiness of our beloved be the sole objective and sometimes we feel let the person whom we love so much, may give us the same love in return. Just like in stock market the situation varies across investors, there is no clear-cut answer or standard solution that will hold good for all investors, same way there is no answer to love one or dream to be loved. The only problem is that we cannot stop dreaming.
Stock market is risky. Many people do not enter this risk and return business. But can this happen in any relationship? We never think of any risk and return business when we love somebody. We just go on giving our love to the fullest extent; we just love to invest more and more of love and affection for our dear love. From the childhood days we learned that what we sow so shall we reap. But sometimes when we sow love, why don’t we reap love. We cry, we shed tears but will it heal the pain of separation. Will the time take back the moments of such pain of separation, such moments of pain from our life? Will the time stop us from shedding tears when we think of the past days? Can the time fulfill the dreams we dreamt of. The expected happiness when turns to sorrow, it is really horrible, heart throbbing. Each and every night we spend with such dreams, each and every moment we thought of the future just like the investors think what will happen next. Can these times which spend in dreaming come back? Can these dreams broken be again rearranged? Can time take us back to change all the past circumstances to make it to pleasurable moments?  Is there any magic wand to change all the problems or such situation of helplessness of life? Can we change our past decisions in the present for our future? Why such situations come in life where there will be only two alternative and both the alternatives are difficult to accept. Why such situations comes when if you change it will give you sorrow and if you don’t change it will give you sorrow? Why you become the victim of time? Why life becomes the net of the spider where the net is connected to make you prey? Such questions come when we act as investors in our real life. Never expect, never dream, and never hope for the best. Just prepare yourself strong for the worst situations of life. Sometimes it becomes difficult to define what is ‘good’ or’ bad’ and what is a ‘right and wrong decisions’. Sometimes a problem becomes a solution and a solution becomes the problem in life. Just like trading in stock market requires analytical knowledge, vision, discipline and patience to succeed, same way to handle such situations in life it requires the same patience. Instead of going for technical analysis (of stock, here life), lets follow fundamental analysis of stock, here life), assuming that in long run all will alright. So it is better to let the life go on and wait and watch.
 September 4, 2010


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