She expressed… OMG

Aditi was a pretty young girl. She admitted in a reputed institute as the research scholar at an early age, while generally people enter at late age. She was new to the place, new to the learning environment. But managed to cope with it and focused to study well. But her childish mind was still her ornament. In her first semester, she had to do all the course work. She was busy with her course work. Mostly the assignments had to be submitted to the concerned subject instructor through mails. Since she had no laptop, she used to work in her department computer lab. Once she was working in the lab, a guy came and asked her whether he can use the computer that she was using. Although she was busy, she said yes, as the guy said other computers are not working, internet is not coming. So she agreed. The guy kept working. She was waiting when he will complete his work and she can again do, but the guy kept working and searching. She asked whether she can now use the computer, but the guy asked her to wait. She was worried as the lab will be closed at 5pm and she cannot submit her assignment. She repeated asked but the guy was continually searching something on Google. At last she said him to leave the computer, and finally the guy went away. Then every day she used to see him, and used to show her annoyed face. She thought her fellow research scholar was very stupid, even he is senior still do not know how to value to other’s time too. She was angry with him, as she could not submit her assignment that day and got scolding’s for that. Once she saw him one seminar, he was continuously asking question to the guy who was giving the seminar. She thought this guy creates problems for all. She thought if he would have remained silent then, the professors might have been happy with the presentation. Asking questions is good to clarify doubts, but to screw your fellow friends is bad, she thought. Sounds quite unprofessional …but she was angry with him so much that, she would find all faults in him. She saw him again in some food plaza with some professors, and thought how he was enjoying with his guide, and she came back. Her course work was almost completed, and her guide selection and DSC need to be formed. Finally one name was given. She went to that professor’s room. She saw that guy there. She thought why he was sitting in that room, and suddenly something stuck in his mind. Then she thought of his times of yore, and something reflected for a while when she gave some surprising eyes. The professor just completed his Ph.D and joined the institute. The professor was young and good-looking. Since he was very talented and brilliant in his academic area with lots of publications, he got placed at this reputed institute at the age of 28. So he was looking much more like a research scholar or a student than a teacher. It is because she had seen some MBAs and PhD students are much older so she never thought he can be a professor. He was asking question as he a faculty, not as a student. He was with other professor as colleagues not as student and teacher. She thought she never ever wished him whenever she used to see him.  She thought she made her own bed; now let her lie in it. With her big eyes and her cute face which turned pink, she expressed OMG. 


  1. Very good plot for a story. Element of surprise nicely used. Few slangs like 'sc**w is considered impolite and is not acceptable among all readers, so could have been be avoided. A little more storytelling style should be adopted, you have to take care that your natural style of essay writing should not creep into your short stories. Overall you have improved a lot.

    P.S. - 1. I am sad for Aditi .
    2. Don't you feel real life incidents are good themes for writing ?
    3. You must proof check your work with someone before posting. You understand what I mean.


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