A different way of Proposing

I am a big fan of Paulo Coelho , he writes few lines from daily incidents in his blog but with interesting approach. I thought to make an attempt to do the same. Recently in hostel  many girls got married and was describing their marriage proposals, while listening and thinking about them and thought to read the their thoughts and wrote a girl's way of proposing. These modern girls are little different from the past days but still with a Indian bride at heart. It goes like this-

I don’t know to how to wear saree, but I like to wear them.
I don’t know to read the Gita in Sanskrit properly, but I believe the lines written inside it.
I don’t practice much of pujas and worships, but I can pray God for well being of your family.
I don’t know to prepare delicious dishes, but I can make sure  won’t keep anyone hungry in your family.
I don’t know how to behave and speak to your parents as a daughter in law, but I know I would love them like my parents.
I don’t know much of relationship of brother in law and daughter in law, but I know with  their presence I wont miss my brother and sister.
Will you like to marry this girl who does not know many things, but knows that every relationship goes on with understanding and love?


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