A Friend like you...

Like the vast sky and the deep sea
The immortal our friendship will be
No waves no wind
No words unkind
Can break or wreck
Nor the breathe can take
The love we feel
No anger can kill
But sometimes it happens
My heart gets broken
Not by your words
But by fate stars
That reminds of harsh persons
The ruthless demons
Those who hurt me infinite
Like pushing a knife overnight
The dishonesty the ingratitude
The lies of all magnitude
So when I hear any loud words
I remember the queen of playing cards
Like her I feel I have no worth
Without the king on this earth
Then tears fall boundless
Reminding all past pain and no bless
People ask about my pale face
Where I lost the charm and grace
But I find no answer
My happiness stays short and far
But when the tears dry
I stop to cry
Then I realize the things I lost
The moments without you that crossed
But you never know
The feelings I never show
The way you care
The same way I do care
I always asked God a favor to do
To give a loving friend like you

5th April 2011


  1. very nice.. fabulous .....

  2. This song is actually dedicated to Jayasree Chakraborty

  3. are muze kuch samaz main hi nahi aa raha hai!normal logoke liye bhi kuch likha kar!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks a lot dear...It's great...

  5. gr8 leepsa..u r so talented in palying wid words and colors too.
    keep goin

  6. Just simple and beautiful


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