Mother Day Special

Mother Day Special

There is no special word like “mother” that my lip can speak,
There is no heart like yours that can shower true love for me,
There is no bed like you lap where I can sleep without worries,
There is no place like your womb where I stayed so safe.

Oh my dear Mother, I am showered under your affection. You gave me happiness forgetting your pain.  My whole life is dedicated to you. Being born from your womb and your heart, my happiness and sorrow are never hidden from you. I wish I could be a mother like you. I know it’s your love, your prayer and your blessings that have always protected me whenever I have faced any problem in my life. Some magic had made me overcome all the hurdles, all the worries, all the problems in life. You remained awake during my examinations; you taught me so many things. While I was a child, sometimes you showed your love through care sometimes through scolding. Sometime I never understood that your scoldings were also a part of your love to make me a better human. I am grown up now, but still you consider me your adorable sweet heart and love me like I am kid. You fulfilled all my wishes, my desires, my needs. Some of them I have asked you to do, some of them you understood I need them even if I didn’t ask for it.  You have been a guide during my student life, critic during college days, and mentor during the whole life. Now you have turned a good friend of mine. I can share anything with you. But again I feel you have also become a child like me. I cannot imagine a life without you. I cannot see you suffer. I want to see you in good health and want to see you in peace and happiness. Never cry for me, I am fine and will be fine since you are with me. Just be with me till my last breathe or else I would be so helpless.  You are so special in my life. You are most special to my heart.

Love you a lot my sweet heart mummy, moma, mima, mom, mother India, mami, mama.

8th May 2012


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