Birthday Boy

9th August every year it comes and each year it goes. What is so special to it. May be there is some history attached to it which is scripted in many history books. But there is another place where the date is important, in the pages of his parents heart. Again not only in these two places,but somewhere else where this date is important, that is in his friend's life, those are in his good books. I am taking about our friend. His birthday date.....

I remember the first year , we celebrated his birthday giving him surprise by calling him in veggies. sachi and me didn0t knew that some unhappy incident happened, so he was upset, but we spend some time together and then 2nd year, his guide gave him a big cake and a cake during the fresher party was brought.

Vartika came to me and asked, if i had wished him or not , actually both of us had forgotten to wish him. Thanks to her for reminding, if we would have opened fb, we would have remembered. but forgive myself, as in Phd  we even forget ourself..... So we thought, in that we should make his birthday for exciting and funny , so that he would remember. but since he was doing fasting, we thought to celebrate the next day. I love seeing people happy and making them feel special, therefore only cake cutting or only gifts wont be exciting, so we thought to make some games, and we did so with some treasure hunt for gifts the next day.  I have always super duper ideas to give people surprises. Vartika and me, were laughing while purchasing the gift since many funny gift ideas were coming to our mind. I suggested to give gifts with the letters of his name but it was difficult the to do so. Vartika made list of gifts with the letters. sometimes O for oil or O for olay was really funny. Then i suggested lets give G for guava, o for orange  as vartika has suggested M for mango... both of us were gone crazy ......we had thought to give him gift after each punishment or game, but our sweet friends Niyati and surabhi ,  added oil to the fire, suggesting let him search his own gifts and let us hide all the gifts. I had painted the letters of his names on the gifts previous night of celebration with my poster colours and experimented some photographs of the gifts in hostel. Saswat had remembered his date and sachi and sasikant became the photographers. samendra became his proxy girlfriend. susant and saibal came bit late but atleast they could came early enough to wish him. vartika selected nice music soothing to ears and most funny was the birthday song which made him laugh.... I called him to by saying that i have some math doubts, but our intellegent goutam he knew that the surpise party was waiting for him...

He was little emotional when we wished him late, saying his parents reminded him about his birthday first  and finally he was happy i feel. The whole celebration went amazing .....

He would kill me for exciting people to give him punches......Be there at research cell at 10am today with full enthusiasm :P  for b day celebration .... aaj goutam ko surprise dete hain ..thoda ragging bhi :P 

G- Gaana gao bachu
O-Offer your proposal to a girl in three khan styles
U-Umbrella dance karke dikhao
T-Tell about your latest crush
A-Ask for a one rupee money to ur guide saying u wanted to celebrate birthday with friends
M- Make a wish

The ragging went like this.....

O-Offer your proposal to a girl in three khan styles
May the lights of the candle brighten up your life with all joys and removing all negative things
 Super duper excited to cut the cake....
 The first cake piece for......
 and this is called ATTACK...CAKE WAR
 Ofeering cake for bhabi and missing rakesh
 Niyati is so sweet ,left him by putting cake in his mouth , not in his face......
 we gang of friends enjoying his cake facial face......
 The whole cake for his face to make him more attractive.........
 daku goutam aab tu bachega nehi......
 blessing of sachi to goutam ....hahahah
 Goutam expressing... i am tired now.....
 mousami forgot whose birthday , she kept on putting cake on everyone face thinking today as rangoli... 
 for one game, he took half an hour to think what to do... we felt we are ragged 
 gana socha bhi toh kya ...jana gaana mana...achha hai ...but 15 august to next week hai na.....
Smiling while describing his first crush experience in +2......
 The research cell has become the party hall

 The yummy cake turned to a destructive piece....
 khandala gaana amir khan style
 Make a wish option.... he said .....I WANT TO GO NOW 
 mousumi wanted the whole cake to be eaten by concerned for his seniour :P
 kiska nakal utar rahe the beta?
 search search search ........for gift hunt
 saswat made fun...he said to search gift in dustbin and he did so .....
 serching each and every corner of the room...after all hak banta hai gift lene ka......
Boys help boy...helping the birthday boy
 finally he got the gift below the chair which we have covered by sitting around
 Searching each and every place for the treasure hunt
 now counting the alphabets of his name and number of gifts left

Its G for Goutam the great.... hiding the G 
 May be he is healed by the getting the gifts after all the birthday punishments we gave him.
 Ganesh ji ko pake bada hi khush hai....
 What an expression, our ideas seems funny to him.
 I have too cook now, bring milk for preparing OATS...u lazy friend, its good for your health.
 learning alphabets like nursery.... A for apple...G for ......U for umbrella
 I remember few days back he came to me asking for an umbrella as his umbrella was broken or lost. when vartika suggested U for umbrella, I could express a sudden YES and nothing else.

 With the expression I AM HONORED .. in his usual fun making style
Missing Rathish his 24 hours friend.....

The whole idea of the gifts was like this...based on his name........
G-Ganesh (For blessing for my friend to progress in life)
O-Oats (For a healthy life for my friend to live long)
U-Umbrella  (For protecting my friend from all the shades from bad days of life)
T-Teddy with best wishes (For reminding my friend our good wishes are always with him)
A-Axe effect (For spreading the fragrance of happiness, cheerfulness, love and affection to my friend life)
M-Milk Chocolate (For adding sweetness in all relationships that comes in my friend's life)
Then we made some hang outs at our second home cafe coffee day
 The great guy still keep smiling treating us with some small eats, sweet eats, cake away and more of drinks, even if his ATM broke while making payment....

vartika cant turn this pic 
 upside down view......
 The whole friends gang who tortured him in the morning
 Vartika as always happy and smiling
Goutam with his signeture apple soda
I could not take the photographs of the beautiful ladies during research scholar day, so this photograph dedicated to them
 We are making it sure that our other friends are engrossed in a conversation while we are giving poses.
 The gang of girls ...photograph courtesy @saswat barapanda
 This pose idea to our mousumi madam
Is it gals day out?
Laughing moments while goutam was ordering for us some food stuffs

My food stuff was Choco fantasy my  signature dessert with a sinfully rich chocolate cake mixed with ice cream.sadrita took Vanilla Ice Cream, Double scoops. Double delight, that made her to cheer up the day. Niyati and surabhi with the b day boy took the juices green and red apple juices, that gives surprising taste you can't wait to dig into. Samendra took some kind of sanvich enjoying his slice of heaven. many other food stuffs that would Yum to your palate.

I would like to say you something, your name GOUTAM has amazing words within it GO, GOT, AM, U,TO ,AT ,MAT , GUM, OM, GAMUT, A, MUG, GUT.  As a friend i will like to have look on and think on it and enjoy it.  some meaningful things came from your name like GO- Go enjoy every moment of life without complaining. Funny words can be made from U GOT A OM GAMUT  TO AM AT MAT GUM  MUG GUT. But do u know what was the best letter in your name, it was U. The letter U  as you are our friend and U as the birthday boy....

This is the to treat a special friend from your special friends to make u feel special our best wishes for you.....



  1. Jhakkass.. cant find words for above descriptions.. You should do anchoring and event managements..

    A good day indeed..

  2. Amazing post Di..Simply loved every bit of it!!

  3. nice one Leepsa...:)

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