Friendship is the best thing we can have in our life.  It is not about being physically present always. It is also not only about celebrating happy days together or exchanging gifts. Friendship is all about true feeling for a friend with love and caring, some mutual understanding and time that you give for your friends with no terms and condition apply. 

It is true that a friend in need is a friend in deed. So, do not forget the days when your friends were with you-The days when you laughed, the days when you cried, the days when you were ill and your friend was beside you, the days when your friend listened to your complains, the days when your friend tolerated your anger in silence. Don't forget that your friend was one who fought with the world for you so that no one can hurt you. Don't forget that your friend never saw any time table or watch when you needed them most. The most important thing don't make your friend feel as he/she is the last option. Just don't make friendship because you need a person for help or you are alone. 

Priorities changes, but don't hurt your friend by making the person feel as a stranger in front of the person who is currently important in your life . Just remember in the past your friend was your first priority. There must have been some good nature of your friend that have touched your heart. There must be some reasons  that have kept your bond of friendship so long  and so strong. 

The most funny thing is a true friend may fight with you, but the next moment they don't remember the reason for it. The reason is they love you from heart and they don't fight with with you from heart . You may hurt your best friend, but a simple smile makes them forget what you have done with them. They can't see you upset or sad whatever distance might have occurred between you. A friend makes you smile and knows about you even through unspoken words.

Truly love your friend. This can reflected with your actions, if you can proudly stand beside your friend and say -this is my true friend , a real friend who has been always with me. The only way one can return the debt of friendship is to love more and more. Many people will come and go from your life, but a real friend is a rare friend, so don't forget the friend in your good days as in bad days that same friend will be in front of you even if you hurt them. 

And i am so lucky to have you all as my friends, who have always with me in my good and bad times or my best and worst days and numerous times you all have made me feel happy and blessed All those days of unconditional love and affection are really treasured in my heart and will always blossom in my mind throughout my life. Priorities may change in your and my life but the bond of love, faith trust will never change between you and me my dear friends. Love that you are all in some of my part of life story.

Like the waves touch your feet
As they appear and then exit
Many people will come and go away
With you a true friend will always stay

N. M. Leepsa
23rd August 2012


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