Date: 8th January 2017
Time: 9.30 am to 1. 30 pm
Venue: Hotel Mayfair

This year I have planned to do my best for a healthy and happy life for me and for people whomsoever I will meet. So, I have attended a seminar on healthy aging and graceful living that focused on discussion how to improve the health of our body and mind and live a life by decreasing and reversing the aging process. I am sharing the inputs given by doctors as follows:

Dr Biswajit Mohapatra
(Laparoscopic & NLP Health Coach)

First be aware of all body parts because each of the body part need to be taken care and each part is important for healthy life. Take a tour to feet, ankle joints, lower limbs, knee joints, thigh muscle, pelvic joints, abdomen (liver kidney), chest muscles (heart), upper arms, hands, tonsil glands, facial parts, and head. All these parts need to be healthy because they related to respiration, digestion, excretion, immune, reproduction, and nervous system.

What we perceive, same we project and that affects our life. So we have to change our belief system. Sometimes, we create sickness only because of our negative belief and told our mind that we are sick. We feel we are old in age, then we think we are old in age. We can have less age, if we perceive we are young. There are three categories of age: (a) Chronological age which is calculated based on our date of birth. It is the calendar age. We cannot change that age (b) Biological age which is based on how healthy we are and how much energetic we are and how well our body functions (c) mental or psychological age which is based on how much young we feel. What we think of . how much physically active we are and how much mentally strong we are.

Whatever happens to our body, its because of our past long term carelessness and ignorance to our body. The negative effect on body will not be visible immediately. All disease happens because we dont take care of our health in last many years.

One aspect can be calorie consumption. Calorie consumption should be less with increase in age because as we age our level of activity becomes very less. It will then increase the level of life span. At age 20, there will be 2000 calories requirement per day. With increase of age, there should be 10% decrease in calories.

Exercise physiology like walking, cycling, running, jogging is essential for healthy life. At least, 20 minutes walk everyday without missing a single day is a practice of healthy life. Now when we are defining here exercise, the walk we do in our daily life activities in office and home is not considered to be exercise. We need to do exercise without talking while walking or getting busy in pone. It should be a done with relaxed body and mind with full concentration on the exercises.

ATP is like currency for our body. When we are in stress, our body needs more of ATP, and we use more ATP which was already stored in our body. The more we have metabolism, there is more process of breaking and building (repair). Dil ki baat is important because heart uses oxygen and circulates blood by pumping. For a normal person, there is 72 beats per minute. Calories are burned during exercise as well as after the exercise. Exercise makes our body, joints, and muscles strong. At the age of 30 with 50 kg weight, we need 2 kg of calcium.

Exercise is must not an option. Do exercise daily. But do not do same type of exercise daily. Keep on changing type of exercise because your body needs time for adoption and muscle repair. If today you are doing for abdominal, next day you may do for cardio exercises. Then slowly you may increase the time duration for walking or jogging. You may combine brisk walking with jogging. Lactic acids bring pain after exercise. So give rest by using alternative exercises. When there will be more use of muscles, there will be less fat in your body. The fitness parameters are cardio, respiratory fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility (joints), body compositions (fat mass).  While doing exercise remember the four components that is needed -STIMULATE, ADAPT, RECOVER, REGULAR.

Things to do for healthy life:

·         Eat less, calorie less.
·         Take balance diet, there will be no need of vitamins
·         Watch your portions. Have smaller portion of meals at many times
·         Take food with combination of carbohydrate and protein
·         Eat more of fruits, vegetables and more fibre foods
·         Avoid junk food
·         Meditation and get enough sleep
·         Wear seat belt

Interesting quotes relating to healthy aging:

  • ·Healthy aging outside starts from inside
  • ·         Healthy is not size, its a life
  • ·         You cannot spell CHALLENGE without CHANGE
  • ·    When you think about QUITTING, think about why you STARTED, then you go back to starting again. It is generally told that if you do anything for 21 days or 3 weeks regularly, that becomes a habit. So make exercise your habit.
  • ·         MOTIVATION is what makes you STARTED; HABIT is what you keep you GOING.

Dr. Kalyani Mishra
(Eminent Psychologist & Counselor)

Everybody wants recognition and words of appreciation. How many of you appreciate all with open heart? How many of you smile when you meet any people? Rare. Human nature are subject to change in different situation. Our behavior change from person to person based on our present state of mind. We always go for physical appearance, gestures, postures which are external factors and we forget the reality that internal factors are more important. Unless we forget we cannot be happy. Forgetting is good but we should not be superfluous. Face is the index of our inner feeling. We are good at hiding our inner feeling but it cannot be kept hidden for longer duration. Smiling comes from inner heart. We have created our artificial world, thus creating limitations and we create our own comfortable zone. Then when people want us to adopt change, we fear for change. We always think of negative consequences. As we will think as our thoughts that will then lead to action and so will be result. If we think everything will positive, in reality, it will always be positive.

What is life?

We know what life is. Life is a journey. Life is a relationship. Our happiness and unhappiness is related to relationship. If you have good relationships, you stay happy. If something bad happens, disturbances in our mind. We are aging early, because we are unhappy from inside. In our life, what we get is what we think. Its all in our mind. It is the power of mind. It is the power of acceptance. We know it is good to sleep for 8 hours per day. It will be good to sleep 4 hours too, if you feel free and active by sleeping for four hours. If you instruct your mind that 4 hours is sufficient for us, then 4 hour will be also good for us. Mind is controlling us but we are not controlling our mind these days. So we are not happy. Thinking power should be so strong that will bring positive change.

Mind can be defined as follows.


My thought will determine my destiny. We are what we think of.

What is the meaning of health?

Health is something where mind and body are strong and free from disease.

ILL can be defined as I lack Love. When such feeling comes, we create stress, it creates toxic elements in our body, and then we get sick. We always think of negative consequences. As we will think, as will be the shape of our thoughts, same way will be action and so will be the outcomes in life.  If we think everything will be positive in life, in reality it will be positive.

Healthy means HEAL+ THY

Its all about mind, body and medicine

We can cure our self by our own rather than going to doctor.  We spend more time in unusual things than on important things.  Here attitude plays important thing in our life. Illness leads to damage or destruction of our body and mind.

There is always a inter connection or relationship between HEALTH, THOUGHT, ATTITUDE, ILLNESS.

What is the main function of mind?

Mind produces thoughts. Thoughts are seeds or software of human mind. There is a journey from thoughts to destiny or destination as follows:
  • Thought
  • Feeling 
  • Emotion
  • Attitude
  • Action
  • Behaviour
  • Habit
  • Personality
  • Relationship
  • Destiny
Each action is a source of thought. Thoughts leads to feeling (love or hate) , then emotions are created, then we develop attitude and based on attitude, we do action and our behavior is developed and habit is created and we have personality and relationship and destiny. We are what we think. Anything happens is because of thought. If we think someone is beautiful, my feeling will be good, them I will have good emotions and behavior towards the person will b good and relationship will be strong and good. Destiny is not luck, its all about our thoughts. Each and every thought affects the each and every cell of our body. One thought has power to affect trillion of cells in our body.

Earlier health was defined as body with no disease. But its not absence of physical illness but it is the state of being physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental and intellectual.

Money is required in life, but it cannot give good health. Money cannot buy happiness. We spend whole life in earning money, ignoring our health, then spend entire savings and entire money in medical bills and hospitals. We become bankrupt again. Our illness leads to bankruptcy.

Life should not be competition. Life is said to be winning and losing. It should not be. If other is winning, do not be jealous. Why we compare person x with person y because no two persons are same they are different in terms of culture, habits and many other things. Then if a person is different from you, you start to criticize, then we say others and then we feel happy that we criticized them. We engage ourselves in conflict. But we should be actually neutral and impartial in family, social and professional life. We only support our family without decisions. When we criticize, we become competitors, we think of ourselves as superior, and then we make ourselves unhealthy. Spend simple life, a healthy life, do yoga and meditation. Remember, one who never falls ill is the richest person. Our body needs nutrition to create energy (food and positive thoughts). Health promoting habits or behavior is EAT EXERCISE SLEEP REPEAT. Health damaging activities are alcohol, smoking, drugs. It becomes too difficult to recover to good health.

What are the things that make you happy?

Trust and respect makes husband and wife relation happy. Both are genetically different person. Therefore, as a husband or as a wife, we need to accept each other and their views too. We need to listen and respect each others feelings. You are correct and I have correct, but our perspective can be different. We should accept each others differences. Ego is at the higher level when expectation is high. When you have self-respect, when you think you are self-sufficient, when you do not depend other others to become happy, then you will really be happy.

We should avoid four Cs-
  • Comparison
  • Competition
  • Criticism
  • Control
So do the following things and focus on following approach:
·         Behavior Change Approach: attitude decides our belief and faith. If we change our attitude, everything will change.
·         Self-empowerment approach: Make ourselves so strong physically, mentally, emotionally. I am self-sufficient to take care of myself. I will be happy in all situations.

I will be happy always-

  • If I will get everything
  • If I will get something
  • If I will get nothing
·         Collective action approach: Thoughts gives us mental energy. No one can script the destiny. We are producing 25-30 thoughts per minute. 25,000-30,000 thoughts per day. If there will be change in situation, it may increase to 50,000 thoughts and there will be no rest to your mind and then it affects body and we get old before time.

A thought has the power to change our body without any medicine. Are you making right use of thought power or mind? Less than 10% we use mind positively and 90% remain unutilized.

What you mean by wellness or well-being?

Wellbeing means optimal health, full and active functioning of all dimensions. Just like a table can be kept in standing position if its four legs are fine and if one leg breaks, it affects. We run ourselves everyday inside and we dont know about it. When mind is irritated, body is irritated and we get old. Growth hormone stops secreting when we are in stress. Anti-aging cream wont help. When mind is peaceful, when there is less of sex drive, your mental health is good. In Indian system, family culture is given much more importance because it gives love and peace.

Repetition of any thought becomes habit. We dont want to lose comfort zone and do not accept change. We fear change. We need to convert knowledge to wisdom. We need to drive knowledge in right direction and implement it on regular basis and then that will become wisdom. You have to condition yourself in the most positive, instructive and right way. Mindset to change is within oneself, no one can force us to change. Negative thinking has worst effect on DNAA. Then DNA will not be repaired.

TEAM spirit needed collective effort to grow. Competition has been replaced by co-operation. We must know the art of team management. Positive team effort leads us to happy life. The choice is ours.


Hell is a place where there is fight between the couples. Heaven is a place when we accept and appreciates others, praise others genuinely. This will not take anything from you but give the other person happiness. We have chained ourselves from negative thoughts and find difficult to overcome . we never say, we are wrong because of our ego. We should break conditioning and should initiate from ourselves.

Say every morning to yourselves-
·         I am the most beautiful person in the world from outside as well as inside
·         I will  smile to all person I will meet
·         I am the luckiest person in the world
·         I know today will be good and tomorrow will be beautiful

We are leader from inside and this thought will increase our potential. Inner beauty is more important. Saints had long life due to yoga and meditation. Eat less and nutritional food.

Whenever you have fights, say my intention was good but if you do not like anything, you can say to me, I can adjust.

Test: Are you a pessimist or optimist?

Give the score from 3, 2, 1.
Agree- 3
In-between- 2
Disagree- 1

1.    I am confident and positive about myself
2.    I have sense of direction and purpose in my life
3.    I am satisfies with all roles that I am playing in my life
4.    I feel I should take charge of the situation in what I live?
5.    I am happy and satisfied with all my relationships
6.    I listen to my conciseness & do the work activities
7.    I feel optimistic about my  future
8.    I find it easy to trust others
9.    God has an important role to play in my life
10.  Being happy with myself is more important to me than others to approve it

Check your score

·         Score between 10-15: pessimist you need to improve your emotional stability
·         Score between 15-25: Borderline- you are safe but gain it is better to improve
·         Score between 25-30: optimist- you are an inspirational leader so help others

Emotional Intelligence

If emotional intelligence is positive- saint calm, quiet, decisional irrespective of what are the situations
If emotional intelligence is negative- criminal reactive


These four types of emotions give 315 types of reactions. So in order to have emotional intelligence do the following:

  • Know your emotions nature: are you confident about your emotions? Whatever we say or behave is the result of our intentions. Intention is developed and recorded in our sub-conscious mind, thought is stored and outcome is reflected in words.
  •  Manage your emotions: when you have knowledge of your emotions, you can manage it
  • Recognize the emotion of others: when to speak to them and when not to speak to them, see their facial expressions, then react and speak. Suicide is a impulsive act when we cannot control our emotions. We have emotional instability
  •  Motivate yourself:  self-motivations do not depend on others.
  •  Manage your relationships effectively: if we are not emotionally stable, we cannot be happy and cannot enjoy any relationship. Take care your emotions as well as others emotions.
3Q concepts

I Q- Intelligence Quotient
E Q- Emotional Quotient
SQ- Spiritual Quotient

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