She is You

Orginal Poem:

Curling her hair like flowering the vine
Her beauty grows every day as old red wine

Gliding her face up like touching the sky
She dreams to go up high as a kite to fly

Rolling her hips like an erotic dance
She makes her moves as it’s her last chance

Smiling with her lovely lips like she saw heaven on earth
Full of sanguinity as a lovely charming face from birth

Tapping hands like thunder clapping
Creating music as the resonances of rainwater dropping

Twirling ribbon like painting a rainbow
Winning hearts as a girl on fire with her flips that bow

Waiting for rain like a many-hued peacock
She is priceless as a dazzling precious diamond rock

Waving hands like a pageant queen
Flawless look as a white rice with imperfection unseen

Walking on streets like floating in clouds
Forever youthful as a beautiful girl differentiated from crowds

Love her curling, gliding rolling, smiling, tapping, twirling, waiting, waving, walking
She is a pretty girl,  but you don’t be sad because
Baby, she is you,

Only you


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