Love is when you…

Love is when you see your love
but cannot stop your eyes turning back to see once more
Love is when you feel the heart stops,
but put your hands on chest to listen heartbeat running faster
Love is when you hate waking up early, 
but cannot sleep whole night to see your love in morning
Love is when you stay day and night together, 
but still you tell why a day is only twenty four hours
Love is when you knew your love goes for a short journey, 
but still you fear it won’t come back again

Love is when you want to cry loudly, 
but don’t shed tears as you promised to your Love
Love is when you dance in happiness under the shower, 
when you have high fever
Love is when you kiss all time,
but feels like the first kiss in your life
Love is when you see the crowd, 
but feels the presence of only two
Love is when you make out the truth, 
but runs after the desert mirage
Love is when you know the absence, 
but makes your heart feel the presence of someone

Love is when words hurt you, 
but you close your lips to disclose the pain
Love is when you awake whole night,
to see your love sleeping peacefully
Love is when you miss the train,
to stay for your love before you say goodbye
Love is when wait endlessly, 
when you knew that your love won’t come again
Happy Valentine Day
To You and Me
February 14, 2011


  1. Love is in the air !
    ...... its a beautiful poem .... I like it very much.

  2. Perfect....Spirit of Love never dies..nice one dear.

  3. Nice one sweety,Rite from the core of heart, itna bhari mut likh dard hota hai.(Brain ko Joke kaara tha).


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